1. Kavala, 2014

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  9. It was several weeks ago. My last photosession for pretty girl Karina.

    I’m not sure that I can do better right now, ‘cuz I live without digital camera about two-three weeks, this is very long period of time, I’m sad. In spite of this I wanna be a photographer 50years at least. So, I decided to take my ass and go outside here. 

    Maybe there is a time to explain myself how to live in this world and understand all of your principles. I don’t wanna be a little girl anymore, I wanna live alone, without any special people for my heart. 

    Love friends, family and my cat. 

    See ya!

  10. Rude Beauty on Flickr.

    Self portrait.
    This is some kind of my soul stuff. “Tea” tone and b/w helped me to create an image of my own world inside. Time to time I feel something like that, without any emotions: no sorrow, no happiness. However this isn’t a portrait of indifferent person, this is about tired human, who wants to upgrade yourself once again.