3. Chiara and the dancers.

  4. Bra: patterned satin covered by tambour beaded muslin.

    Shirt: synthetic and tambour beaded 

    Skirt: red lace covered by muslin

    Style: De Moussi 

    model: Chiara Jame

    photo by Diane Malinovskaya

    Belgium 2012

  6. With u in my head (2) on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    With You In My Head
    when you went down,
    the men came callin’
    changing to stone
    as you wept from fallin © Unkle

  13. 000008 on Flickr.

  14. 000015 on Flickr.


  15. Dj Shadow - sad and lonely

    I’m sad and I’m lonely, my heart it will break
    My sweetheart loves another, Lord, I wish I was dead!
    My cheeks once were red as the bud on the rose
    But now they are whiter than the lily that grows

    Young ladies, take a warning, take a warning from me
    Don’t waste your affections on a young man so free
    He’ll hug you, he’ll kiss you, he’ll tell you more lies
    Than the cross-ties on the railroad or the stars in the sky

    I’m troubled, I’m troubled, I’m troubled in mind
    If trouble don’t kill me, I’ll live a long time