1. Sergey Yazepov by Di.Malinovskaya

    Vilnius, 2014

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  6. Arseny Andreev


  8. If you want, we can try, no matter who we are and what/who we’ve got, we just will there, where my camera is full of memories and your music is unreal for real people. We will try to talk one day about almost everything, maybe today. Just let me know, if you want. You know what I mean, no love, no regret, no sorrow and no affective things, only we and our being. 

    I don’t scared and you shouldn’t. We are drawn to each other, we know it, yep? We shouldn’t be always together, but now, right now, man, we need it. It’s vital to get rid of our today’s life and …we’ll decide together.

    Just try, dear, just try…

  9. True about me.

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